Marquette Mountain

Hotel Near Marquette Mountain

When you’re in Michigan for a ski or snowboarding trip, stay at our hotel near Marquette Mountain for spacious suites and an onsite ski waxing room. Our hotel is just a ten-minute drive from the mountain, meaning you’ll spend less time on the road and more time on the slopes. Marquette Mountain, MI, offers mountain biking in the summer, but are known for their much more dynamic skiing and snowboarding opportunities. The hills are usually open until the end of March each year.

Marquette Mountain boasts 170 acres of Upper Peninsula for skiing and snowboarding. The chalet on site is a beautiful place for special events such as weddings, or just for relaxing after a ski day. Come for the fish fry at the onsite restaurant! Marquette Mountain, Michigan, hosts many alpine race events through their own racing program and additional local clubs. If you rank with NASTAR, the largest recreational ski and snowboard race program in the world, Marquette Mountain is a great spot to record your time and race some courses.

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